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Zero Club is a showcase of everything 90’s Alternative, from music to visuals and the warm fuzzy feeling of the era of plaid shirts, Seattle’s finest and when rock music was just...better.

Zero Club has no fixed address nor does it take place on a certain day of the month. This is a pop up event which shows up whenever we need to remember the good old days of guitars, angst and jeans that weren’t bought with rips.

Grunge / Riot Grrrl / Geek Rock / 90’s Generation X Anthems

You can expect to hear bands such as:

Nirvana // The Pixies // Pearl Jam // Weezer // Nada Surf // The Melvins // Smashing Pumpkins // Hole // Presidents Of The USA // Stone Temple Pilots // No Doubt // Beck // Soundgarden // Quicksand // Red Hot Chili Peppers // Jane's Addiction // Eels // Foo Fighters // Faith No More // L7 // Garbage // Alice In Chains // Alanis Morissette // Bush // Mudhoney // The Offspring // Pavement // Butthole Surfers // Sonic Youth // The Breeders // Sublime // Temple Of The Dog // Everclear // Counting Crows // Silverchair // Dinosaur Jr // Radiohead // REM // Tad // Rage Against The Machine + much, much more.


Red Cardinal Music Freshers Fair 2019 - Font Manchester - Red Cardinal Music

Red Cardinal Music are hosting Manchester’s Alternative Freshers Fair

Freshers Week is one of the most exciting weeks of the academic calendar, especially for brand new students moving to the city! Red Cardinal Music will be hosting Manchester’s Alternative Freshers Fair at Font on Wednesday 18th September. The event will help freshers, and those who want to learn more about the rock and metal […]

Zero Club - The Crow Special - Oct 19 - Red Cardinal Music

Zero Club are throwing The Crow Special at The Night & Day Cafe

To celebrate all things Halloween and October, Zero Club will be commemorating 25 years of the cult movie, The Crow on the 25th October at The Night & Day Cafe. The Crow was released in 1994 under a cloud of controversy and melancholy, as lead actor Brandon Lee died during the filming due to a […]

Zero Club - Night & Day Launch - Sep 19 - Red Cardinal Music

Zero Club is relaunching at the famous Night & Day Cafe

Zero Club will be relocating to the famous Manchester venue, The Night & Day Cafe from September 2019. The relaunch at this popular central location will take place on Friday 13 September. The Night & Day Cafe opened its doors in 1991 and has seen many famous bands grace its stage including Manic Street Preachers, […]

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