Storm Harbour - Red Cardinal Music Announcement

Storm Harbour join Red Cardinal Music Management

منتدى إشارة خيار ثنائي Manchester-based Pop Punk act Storm Harbour have joined the Red Cardinal Music family.عرض-مباشر-لجميع-تداول-الاسهم-السعودية-اليوم Taking influences from acts such as Fall Out Boy, The Wonder Years, Muse and The Story So Far, the band combine old school pop punk elements with a modern electric twist. The band released their debut self-titled EP in 2016 to a fantastic reception.

try this out Storm Harbour - Self Titled EP“This self-titled release is definitely something we’ll be jamming to for a while. So if 90s inspired alt rock infused pop punk is your thing, check out Storm Harbour.” – Hit The Floor

خيار ثنائي الروبوت optionweb “As a whole, the EP is beautifully written. Ally’s impressive vocals keep strong throughout the record. The stabbing guitar riffs throughout the EP gives it body along with the drums also. You should definitely give this a spin if you’re a fan of Fall Out Boy, Neck Deep, The Wonder Years and All Time Low. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.” – Alt Corner Earlier this year the band returned with their second EP “First Place For Faking Friendships” with the lead single “Fool Me Twice” and turned heads with their energy.

سوق الاسهم التداولي Storm Harbour First Place For Faking Friendships“Their signature style is on full display as the upbeat Pop Punk sound mixes with an easy to sing along to chorus to create a stunner of a track. All the tracks on the EP could be singles with their highly accessible nature. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out right away.” – From The Depth  

go to website Liam Connolly, band manager of Storm Harbour, said “The band grabbed my attention with their choruses and old school Pop Punk hooks, so I had to work with them. I really can’t wait to get them out on the road so more people can check them out.”

Fans can catch Storm Harbour at the following upcoming gigs:

their website Oct 24 – Satans Hollow, Manchester  w/ Coast to Coast, Medlock and Passionflower

visit the website Oct 28 – Outpost, Liverpool w/ Oaths, Venatici and Pysonia

read the article Follow Storm Harbour:

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Oaths Event Banner

Oaths return to the live music scene with Red Cardinal Music After an 18 month hiatus, Manchester based post-hardcore band Oaths are returning to the live music scene. Red Cardinal Music is welcoming them back with gigs in Manchester and Liverpool with support from Venatici on both dates.

At the start of the year Oaths shared a video for Sick, a song recorded during their hiatus before teasing a comeback in August.

Manchester based Venatici have recently released their single “Stay Up With Me” and plan to release another single to make its live debut at the Manchester show.

The Manchester gig will take place at Zombie Shack with support from Passionflower and Animal Omens.

Passionflower, a Warrington based acoustic act with Emo/ Pop Punk and Post-Hardcore influences and a huge soulful voice will be playing his second Red Cardinal Music gig.

Animal Omens are a Manchester based 3 piece alternative rock band at the start of their musical journey.

Animal Omens

Advance tickets are available for £4 via See Tickets, Skiddle, Fatsoma and our website. Entry on the door will be £6.

The Liverpool gig will take place at Outpost with support from Storm Harbour and Pysonia.

Storm Harbour, a Manchester based pop punk band, released Fool Me Twice earlier this year from their EP “First Place For Faking Friendship”.

Pysonia have been a main stay in the Liverpool scene with their unique metal sound.

Advance tickets are available for £4 via See Tickets, Skiddle, Fatsoma and our website. Entry on the door will be £6.